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Philippines Government seize video on ISIS phone
07 JUNE, 2017
EVIDENCE has emerged Islamic State is attempting to create a caliphate in The Philippines in more than just a name, with a seized mobile phone revealing a plot to overrun a city with foreign fighters in the same way Islamic State did in Iraq and Syria.

Late last month the southern Filipino island of Mindanao was placed under martial law after deadly clashes between the military and militants largely from the violent Abu Sayyaf terrorist group.
But the government has now confirmed the assault was designed to create an actual Islamic State caliphate, with a seized mobile phone revealing a videoed plot to take over a major city and build a power base in much the same way Islamic State did in Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.
Mobile Phones in Prisions: Jamming
08 FEBRUARY, 2016
Prisons are awash with mobile phones, allowing inmates to continue a life of crime unhindered by locked doors and barbed wire. Why is technology not being used to stop them? Steve Rogers, the managing director of electronic counter measures company Digital RF, says the UK's wide variety of prisons - large, small, new-build, Victorian, open, high security - makes pricing "very difficult".
 "Bomb Plot" - New Image on Paris Jihadi Phone who killed 130 civilans shows new terror plot against sensative sites
20 DECEMBER, 2015
West Midlands Police investigators revealed that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who orchestrated the attacks in the French capital that killed 130 people, had a picture of Birmingham's Bullring on his smartphone, police have warned community leaders in the city. Abaaoud's photograph was among others of 'key and sensitive sites' in the city, said well-placed sources.
DRONESHIELD: 18 nations demand device to protect against commercial UAV's
14 FEBRUARY, 2014
With drones being just a point, click, and purchase away, for a few hundred dollars anyone can get their hands on a drone and use it to their advantage. "There currently is no way to know if a drone is nearby and potentially watching you," Franklin from DroneShield admitted. 

DroneShield is one of a kind, as it allows users to know if a true UAV is buzzing by and does not sound off any false flags. In other words, it knows very well the difference between a leaf blower and an AR Parrot drone, with counter-measures as well.
Read more: https://sputniknews.com/voiceofrussia/2014_02_14/DroneShield-warns-of-low-flying-UAVs-with-18-nations-demanding-the-device-inventor-3103/
Helicoper Bussiness Flying High...
30 SEPTEMBER, 2013
The Queensland couple launched their helicopter pilot academy, Becker Helicopter Services, 18 years ago in a rundown tin shed in Noosa. Today, they operate with 70 staff, including 33 instructors and 25 engineers, and have 18 helicopters. They train an average of 100 students, both civilian and military, every year.

Venturing into night-vision goggle training – usually the domain of military aviators – has helped the company secure multimillion-dollar international contracts. Their success was recognised last month when Becker Helicopter Services won the medium business award at the Telstra Australian Business Awards.
Cellebrite UFED Prevails :  Court Upholds All Nine Counts in Complaint Against Micro Systemation AB and MSAB, Inc. ( .XRY )
30 SEPTEMBER, 2013
Cellebrite, the leading provider of mobile forensic solutions, today announced that the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has rejected Micro Systemation AB’s motion to dismiss all nine counts in a copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark infringement, and unfair competition Complaint filed by Cellebrite against Micro Systemation AB.
The case will now proceed through the discovery phase and then to trial. The Complaint alleges that Micro Systemation unlawfully extracted Cellebrite’s copyrighted software and trade secrets from Cellebrite’s UFED products for physical extraction solutions, reverse engineered, modified, and then integrated Cellebrite’s copyrighted software and trade secrets directly into Micro Systemation’s XRY software.
“...We are confident in the strength of our claims against Micro Systemation AB and MSAB, Inc...” said Ron Serber, Cellebrite Corporate Co-CEO. “...The Court’s rejection of the motion to dismiss is further validation of the factual and legal support for these very serious charges. We will pursue this case vigorously...”
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