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Civillians get grounding in flying drone aircraft for first time
25 MAY, 2013
Brisbane-based V-TOL Aerospace has begun rolling out the world's first regulator-approved remote pilot training for civilians that could make you or your neighbour a qualified "drone" operator in just two weeks. Remote piloting student Tibor Fekete of Canberra-based XTEK, which has the Australian retail licence to sell a drone used by the US military, said there was a lot of excitement over what the civilian training could open up.

​People who were interested in using drones included advertising firms, real estate agents, and farmers but one of the main issues was the lack of approved flight training.  "If you wanted to buy a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) off me, I couldn't sell you one because you couldn't fly it and there was no mechanism to learn to fly it. This is what industry needs," Mr Fekete said. But not everyone is as keen. Queensland Council of Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said there were grave concerns about drones and their capacity to spy on people and collect information.
Taser Rollout Gathers Pace...
10 MAY, 2013
The taser rollout is continuing in Victoria (Australia), with police in Geelong, Corio and Ballarat now trained to use the devices. Tasers were first trialled in Victoria in July 2010 and police in Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley have been using them since last year. Specialist police units also use them.The new areas have been added, said Victoria Police, as there are "frequent dealings with people who are drug-affected and irrational." Weapons are frequently used by offenders and capsicum spray is often used by police, said a police spokesperson.
Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said tasers gave police an extra option. Officers had "undertaken extensive training in their use" and would use tasers "in situations where they believe it is necessary to prevent the risk of death or serious injury."
Delhi Police to use high-tech sound device to disperse unruly protesters Operartion
01 MAY, 2013
The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), which emits a piercing sound and was originally used by the navy to disperse pirates, will soon be used to chase away the protesting crowds in the city.  The idea behind using the device, powerful enough to make a person temporarily rattled, is to make them leave the place without the use of violence.

The device, which creates an irritating noise unbearable for humans, and can emit sounds of up to 152 decibels and can be used to dispel the crowds within the range of 100 m to 2000 m.
French Counter Terrorism Team "RAID" used Recon Scout XT micro-robot during Toulouse Operartion
22 MARCH, 2012
Commandos from the elite French counterterrorism team R.A.I.D. (Recherché Assistance Intervention Dissuasion) killed Mohamed Merah, an Islamic extremist who had shot three French soldiers in addition to three children and a rabbi at a Jewish elementary school in Toulouse. The operation ended a long standoff in which Merah had barricaded himself in his apartment and challenged police to enter. A RAID team spokesman revealed for the first time that the innovative micro-robot played a key role in helping resolve the situation.
HK416: The Gun That Killed Osama bin Laden
11 MAY, 2011
While the military isn't talking about what the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, formerly SEAL Team Six, carried, there are two web sites:   Military Times Gear Scout, and; Soldier Systems;  said the gun used was the German made, Delta Force designed Heckler & Koch rifle used by several militaries.   "I've just heard from a SOCOM vet," says Military Times "He tells me the stack of SEAL assaulters from Red team that went through Osama bin Laden's bedroom door were running HK416s."    Soldier Systems adds that bin Laden "was gunned down using German engineering – the HK416 which was my gut feeling from the very beginning."
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